2 May 2021

5 Things you need to know about your vacation home rental in Florida

By MyCataleya Team

So you’re headed to Florida, huh? The land of the Golden Girls, alligators, and our most famous resident: Florida Man.

Today I’m sharing 5 actually helpful things you should know before your visit and book one of the many vacation home rentals in Florida

Enjoy Florida beach

1. “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

You’re going to hear this one a lot, so I thought I’d go ahead and get it out of the way. If it’s your first time visiting the southeastern U.S. and you’re visiting between March and October, you’ll finally learn what this phrase truly means. 

To counteract the heat, every home or business you enter will have the A/C blasting on max! Don’t forget even in August you’ll need a sweater indoors.

2. You’re never far from the beach (but every coast is very different!).

No matter where you are in Florida, you’re never more than sixty miles away from the nearest beach. However, our beaches vary drastically: 

  • Lazy waves on  St. Pete Beach
  •  Hip, blue Miami shores
  • Surf-inclined northern beaches
  • Sand and clear water, the Gulf Coast is for your
  • Catching some waves, the East Coast is your go to .

So choose wisely, before you book a vacation home rental in Florida.

3. Sunpass is a lifestyle.

Planning on driving while in Florida? Trick question – to get just about anywhere in the state you’ll need to drive. If you plan on visiting any of the major metropolitan areas, I recommend getting a Sunpass. Many of the toll booths are being converted to bill-by-plate, which means that, unless you have a compatible toll pass, you’ll receive a bill in the mail for your tolls plus an administrative fee.

Family at the beach

4. Soak up the shade & Set your watch to our afternoon storms.

You’re gonna need sunscreen – lots of it. Unless you’re from an area closer to the equator, don’t underestimate how quickly the sun burns here. And even though there’s a part of me that loves to watch all of the tourists walking around in a lobster parade, I truly don’t wish that pain on anyone. Shade is a highly-prized rarity in some areas (which is why you’ll see cars parked along the back and sides of a parking lot, since those spots tend to have better coverage than ones closer to an entrance), and I recommend taking it where you can get it.

Just remember, the daily summer storms roll in and clear out in under an hour. Non-locals take the first drop as a sign to leave, but Floridians know to take this opportunity to find a bar nearby to wait it out. Keep an umbrella handy when heading out for the afternoon, and you’ll be dry before dinner.

5. Bugs.

I probably don’t have to write much more than this, but the bugs here can be a nightmare. The hottest months are bookended by the arrival of paint-peeling, partnered-up nuisance known as lovebugs  and in between we find ourselves swatting away any and every other insect at regular intervals. They are worst in early morning and evening, and at anytime near standing water. Pack the bugspray, or risk becoming a feast.

We, at MyCataleya are dedicated to providing you with the ideal vacation home rental in Florida, whether you’re traveling with your sweetheart or your whole family, we’ll make it happen! Contact us today to learn more about our Bradenton vacation home rental in Florida and how our concierge can support you. 

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