28 March 2021

Houses for Rent- Bradenton, Florida Next to 3 Top Golf Courses

By MyCataleya Team
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Hit up the best Sarasota golf courses during your next getaway at one of the houses for rent at Bradenton Florida - MyCataleya. Play a round or two with friends and family, surrounded by lush vegetation, pristine waterways, and an expansive blue sky. Every Gulf Coast vacation benefits from an outing on the green: relieve stress, bond with loved ones, and get your daily dose of exercise. 

Benefits of Playing a Round at Sarasota Golf Courses

The weather is beautiful year-round at this Florida Gulf Coast vacation spot, especially during the spring and fall months. It is the perfect opportunity to unwind, spend a few hours enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, and cool off with a refreshing beverage. Sarasota golf games are an excellent way to spend time with friends while remaining socially distant and get some exercise—great for your physical and mental well-being. 

The benefits of playing around at Sarasota golf courses are numerous. The first benefit is that you will have a great time playing this exciting game on one of the most scenic 18-hole courses in the world. Some people choose to visit Sarasota during the winter months, while others choose to get away in the summer when it is warmer. It doesn't matter because the courses are always open every day.

Second, playing a round of golf at Sarasota can help you develop the mental toughness that you may not have otherwise developed. Some people who come to the golf course do not have the ability to think quickly on their feet. When they play a round of golf, though, they will begin to see everything around them in slow motion. They will be able to think about each shot as if it is second nature for them. This can only help them mentally, which is something that many people struggle with on a daily basis in the working world.

Most of the Sarasota golf courses offer an array of challenges for players to work on their game. You might start out by trying to get your chip position correct. This means that you should stand a few inches from the flag and look right at it when you are making your stroke. This way, you will be able to determine where your chip will need to be. Once you have mastered this basic technique, you will be able to move on to working on your short game, which includes putting, birdies and threes.

Not only will you be able to practice your golfing skills, but you will also find that you will become a more well-rounded golfer once you play a few rounds of golf at Sarasota golf courses. Instead of concentrating only on your golf swing, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your game as well. For example, if you have trouble reaching the green after your first shot, you can practice by hitting some practice shots to the fairway. Once you have mastered this technique, you can move on to working on your approach shot or your putt.

While you will not be playing with other professionals at the golf course when you take advantage of the benefits of playing around at Sarasota golf courses, you will still have the opportunity to meet other golfers. As you play your round, you will be able to mingle with many of them and develop friendships. If you are unfamiliar with someone, you can ask questions about their golfing experience so that you can learn from them. This is a great way to meet new people and to make new ones. When you play golf at a Sarasota golf course, you will not only have fun but you will be able to improve your golf game.

1. Misty Creek CC 

If you love catching glimpses of wildlife, head over to Misty Creek CC: the only Southwest Florida golf course integrated into a wildlife preserve. While you’re on the driving range, keep an eye out for resident bald eagles and other local animals. Dense vegetation and oak trees border nearly every fairway, granting you a unique, private golfing experience.  

2. Tatum Ridge Golf Links

A player-friendly course, Tatum Ridge Golf Links provides a spectacular 18-hole golf game for people of all skill levels. Their perfectly manicured fairways blend in beautifully with the natural scenery. Their Scottish-style links course, surrounded by natural preserves and wetlands, keeps clientele returning time after time. 

3. Village Green Golf Club

Novice and experienced golfers alike will love the course at Village Green Golf Club. Their 18-hole course provides experts with a welcome challenge while still being relaxing enough for rookies to enjoy. If you’re looking to sharpen your game, ask about their private lessons to pick up a few tips from a PGA professional.

Reserve the Best Florida Houses for Rentals for Your Getaway to Play Your Favorite Game: Golf

If you’re considering things to do on the Gulf Coast, take some time to hit up a Sarasota golf course near your Southwest Florida rental. Our rental houses are perfect for family and friend groups of any size. Plus, there are plenty of activities no matter where you stay. Unsure what you are looking for? Our Concierge can help you to plan the best vacation home for your Florida getaway.

Are you looking for a perfect getaway vacation to unwind with your loved ones? If so, a golf getaway is just for you! Imagine having the time of your life sipping cool drinks and swinging on your favorite golf clubs. You can have this type of getaway once you get to Bradenton.

Choosing the Best Golf Course: To make your golfing vacation worthwhile, pick out the best golf course where you can have the most fun. There are plenty of golf courses you can choose from. 

Get Involved in the Day-to-Day Activities: If you love golf, be an active golfer during your vacation. 

Have a Personal Golf Instructor Training You: Most people who are planning to take a vacation to a golf resort often request a personal instructor. A personal instructor will help you improve your golf swing. He or she will show you proper grip pressure and give you tips on how to maintain your stance the right way. Your instructor will not only teach you how to hit the ball better but will also tell you how to enjoy playing the game. If you're not sure about what to do, your instructor will help you with these things.

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