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List Your Place

List your home vacation rentals in Florida with MyCataleya

MyCataleya will only work with homes and owners representing a good fit for our company’s values. We will not manage unpermitted homes or homes in condo complexes forbidding vacation rentals, and we specifically aim for homes that provide our guests with the best My Cataleya has to offer.
- Each potential property will first undergo a site visit and market analysis by MyCataleya determine appeal, rentability, potential issues.
- It is of our highest priority to respect and integrete our home owners KPI's such as minimum stay, target audience, or others.
- By analyzing your prior listing, photos and financials, we will be able to identify and fix weak links and make your home into one that guests will better enjoy.
- If your home has never been rented, we will compare it to existing properties in our portfolio and estimate how we think it will do.

If we choose to partner, MyCataleya will make a series of recommendations to make your property more appealing, and outline a set of retrofits to make management run smoothly. Some will be mandatory, others will be optional, and will of course vary from property to property. However, we like efficiency, repeatability and consistency. Things go wrong a lot in vacation homes — batteries die, sheets get stained, stuff breaks — and if we can keep as many of the properties in our portfolio operating similarly, we can respond to problems quickly and solve them immediately.

MyCataleya tend to use the same locks, linens, television systems, alarms, security systems, WiFi routers, smart thermostats — heck, most even use the same soap dispensers in the bathrooms. This isn’t to say there’s not room to customize your home and make it uniquely yours, but there are a number of items we feel help us run the business smoothly.

Depending on what is appropriate, your investment would be $500 to $2,000, plus installation costs. These items will more than pay for themselves over time. If you have electric baseboard heat, for example, the smart thermostats will likely pay for themselves in a few months because they prevent guests from warming your home to 85 degrees when they’re not home.

After you retrofit, we will professionally photograph your property and write or re-write your listing, as well as configure your online house manual. Then we’ll push your listing to AirBnB, VRBO, and other listing sites as needed.

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Why Listing Your Home Vacation Rental with MyCataleya Rentals?

49% increase of bookings when guests has a hotel’s loyalty program 
24-hour renter support
98.25% of our guests would return to the same unit they stayed in
97.87% of our guests had no issues with cleaning
Extensive world-wide marketing program
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