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All our #MyCataleya shop items are unique, high-quality products, and on-demand. Everything is handmade, every piece of clothing is cut and sewn to order.  

iPhone Case

Available for different generations of iPhones. These cool iPhone cases protect from scratches & dirt.

Sleeping Mask

Have a good stylish night rest. These designer sleeping masks can be washed and re-used. Perfect time to unwind & relax.

Beach Bag

Make going out even more special with a stylish waterproof beach bag. These bags are perfect for the outdoors.

Yoga Mat

Feel zen when stretching out on padded yoga mats by #MyCataleya. These cool yoga mats are perfect for at home, at the beach or rolling up and taking to classes

Flip Flops

These water style unisex slippers have been revamped by our My Cataleya designers. Both for men and women available!

Baseball Hat

These are perfect for festivals, holidays, beach time, going for a lunch.. Just a must have!

Board Shorts

These are perfect for festivals, holidays, beach time, going for a lunch.. Just a must have!

Home Footwear

These unique pieces have been designed just for you. Perfect to run in the house or outdoors. Feel comfortable and classy wherever you go!


These are perfect for festivals, holidays, beach time, going for a lunch.. Just a must have!

Keeping You Warm Kimono

The kimono of MyCataleya is a T-shaped, wrapped-front garment with square sleeves and a rectangular body. Let's keep you warm all the time.


The MyCataleya hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood. Go casual where ever you want to go!

Women's Swimsuit

Stand out with this stylish inspired white swimsuit. This MyCataleya Collection, is the perfect fusion of stylish beach wear and relaxing moments.
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T-Shirt Men

Best white T-shirts to nail the ultimate wardrobe essential. Get it today from MyCataleya!
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T-Shirt Women

An everyday essential, MyCataleya heavyweight T-shirt is a solid piece for any wardrobe. The sturdy fabric retains its fit nicely, meaning no wilting collars.
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MyCataleya, your home away from home. We want to bring your home feeling in our home. Have a pleasant stay!


A style designed to inspire you to live a more active and balanced lifestyle. Come and join our My Cataleya Community. Time to relax!

Face Mask

Wearing a face mask protects you and others from the spread of the coronavirus. We want to keep you safe at My Cataleya.

Bean Bag

Sit, enjoy, unwind and relax. This bag has substantial benefits in terms of the health of your back, neck, and shoulders. Time to unwind!

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